Air Conditioning & Heating

Everyone is looking for the most efficient and cost effective way to heat and cool their facility. With today’s new technology heating equipment can be as efficient as 97+ percent and cooling can have a seer rating of 21. This high efficient equipment when paired correctly can qualify for rebates allowing them to be more cost effective for many companies.

In today’s larger office building zoning systems have become very popular. Using your new HVAC equipment or your existing system, zoning will give the capability to have more control over different areas by having multiply thermostats. These thermostats will control the HVAC equipment and dampers allowing the heated or cooled air in to the space to maintain what the comfort setting are for that area.

Ductless systems have innovated the heating and cooling industry. This technology has been proven in other counties over the 30 years and has now becoming very popular in the U.S in the last 8 to ten years. This technology allows an office, conference room or server room to have its own heating and cooling unit that is very efficient. For larger areas that want to give each office its own individual control, this equipment now allows multiple spaces be controlled off of one out door unit, giving each space heating or cooling not matter what the other spaces around them are calling for and maximizing efficiency.