Design & Build Complete Systems

Our team works with facilities managers to properly scope the requirements and designs the entire system. We work with the top manufacturers and properly size each component to maximize efficiency and comfort.

Whether the project is new installation, renovation, remodel, upgrade or replacement, Alpine Air has the experience and capability to manage the project from concept to completion.

We have the facilities to provide metal fabrication and installation with the experience and ability to custom manufacture all required ductwork to meet your design build requirements.

Optimal Duct Sizing

Planning, sizing and optimizing of a duct system is critical to the system's overall performance and efficiency

Engineered Design

Design is a critical factor in air conditioning. Today's commercial and industrial HVAC systems are highly engineered to be energy efficient and reliable.

Bigger isn't always better!

Proper sizing and load calculation of the equipment is critical to getting top performance and comfort results. When buying new equipment, many efficiency factors contribute to proper sizing and scoping of the total system.

A system that does not take these factors into consideration could be undersized and taxed which will negatively impact the efficiency and reliability of the system.

Going larger than you need is also not a good solution. Besides costing you more for the installation, systems that are too large will not run as designed and lower efficiency here will adversely affect your operating costs.

Bemis is a production coating facility, sometimes running a 24/7 schedule which must be met. If we lose time due to a HVAC failure we cannot make up that time very easily. We have a lot of equipment in our facility and depend on Alpine to keep everything running smoothly. When we have a problem, Alpine responds immediately. Their service is excellent and service techs are very knowledgeable. Alpine is one of the best design/build contractors I have used in my 40 years of being in the construction business. Whatever they have designed and installed works rom the start, not something you have to continuously call them back for. Their prices are fair and they delivery with no disappointment.

Bemis Associates