Rooftop Systems

Rooftop systems can provide complete solutions to all your HVAC needs and centralize location for repairs and maintenance - on the roof! These systems both Air Conditioning and Heating, as well as supporting full ventilation. Using an Economizer can result in free cooling and fresh air. Combine all this with power exhaust to flush out stale air. We have many years experience working with the best rooftop systems.

Rooftop systems can provide 16-20 years of reliable HVAC services. It's important to design and size these systems appropriately and crucial to properly service these systems for maximum useful life as well as efficiency. Alphine Air specializes in both design/installing and maintaining these systems. When replacements are needed, new systems can typically be swapped into place in less than a day.

Some benefits of rooftop systems include:

  • Heating & Cooling equipment installed on the roof, not taking up valuable floor space
  • All service/maintenance is performed on the roof, not above the ceiling which disrupts your business and can get grease on ceilings and floors
  • Modern rooftop systems are the most efficient using the Economizer for free cooling and always bringing in fresh air.
  • Modern systems use just the right amount of gas necessary to reach space setpoint, not a blast of hot air and then nothing